On Thursday, 1st August 2019, the Faculty of Pharmacy held a panel discussion on identifying the competencies of Pharmacy graduates in accordance with the community needs. The workshop was attended by the Director of the pharmacy department at Benghazi Medical Center, a representative of the medical supply, a representative of the Pharmacists’ Syndicate and members of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Benghazi University, as well as a number of pharmacists working in community pharmacies and drug companies. The panel discussion started with a presentation given by Dr. Arif Al-Arabi “Member of the Royal College of Canada” to explain the general concepts of competency-based education. This was followed by a presentation given by Dr. Salma Bukhatwa to demonstrate the importance of the panel discussion work and the implementation mechanism using the focus group discussion in order to reach the formulation of an evidence-based diagnosis document. This document will then be used to develop and update the designs and formulations of pharmacy programs in Libya as well as the development of teaching and assessment methods.