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Simulation Experiments in Pharmacology by PharmD Students

Simulation Lab

Although there will be no experiment or laboratory work performed in this lab, specific rules and regulations are applied to organize the work inside this lab. These regulations include:

  • All users of the lab space must act in a manner that does not disturb the academic activities occurring in the lab.

  • No lab user shall infringe upon the privacy, rights, privileges, health, or safety of other lab users.

  • All faculty, staff and students must complete the orientation prior to using the equipment.

  • No eating or drinking is allowed in the Simulation lab.

  • Use of the computers is restricted to assigned work and not for personal use.

  • Do not use the equipment for any purpose other than specified; anyone who fails to comply with this request will be asked to leave the lab.

  • Any equipment malfunction or abuse must be reported to the lab coordinator immediately.

  • The doors of the lab will be locked at all times.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the Simulation lab.

  • All electronics including cell phones, cameras, camera phones, and video recorders are prohibited during simulations.

  • Any student wishing to use the lab must notify the Simulation Coordinator and sign in on the attendance book.

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