You can apply either electronically through LIMU website or by coming to registry department in LIMU, then your documents will be sent to the college to set an interview. The procedure usually starts mid-August, the exact date to be announced through the media.

The academic year usually runs from September through June with breaks for holidays. The Faculty of Pharmacy adopts the scholastic year system divided into blocks. Study in the Faculty of Pharmacy is conducted according to the problem-based learning system in line with guided self-learning strategies. Educational skills are offered in the form of integrated interactive activities.

It is five years and the fifth year includes research and clinical internship.

PharmD course is a Professional Pharmacy doctoral programme that students can join after high school or any equivalent degree. it includes 5 yrs of academic study + 8 months of supplementary training.

Yes, PharmD is a registrable qualification and graduates of the programme can work under the decree of health administration.

Both BPharm and PharmD are registrable qualifications for practicing pharmacy profession under the Pharmacy Act. BPharm is a 4 years course and PharmD is 5 years course including one year of clinical internship.

Pharmacy practice component in all Pharmacy sub-professional domains like Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy, clinical research, regulatory, formulation development, quality control are emphasized in PharmD programme and after PharmD qualification the professionals are eligible to undertake PhD programme.

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