PharmD Graduate Competencies

1.Provide maximum health care services to patients and the community in general.
2. Design, implement, monitor, evaluate, and adjust patient-care plans
3. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge, clear understanding, and outstanding skills in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
4. Attain multi-disciplinary professional skills required for pursuing their careers.
5. Be critical thinkers, problem solvers, decision-makers, and policymakers.
6. Be a self- & life-long learners.
7. Communicate effectively with patients and caregivers.
8. Function as key members with interprofessional teams working to optimize patient health outcomes.
9. Identify, resolve, and prevent drug-related problems using an evidence-based approach.
10. Implement and maintain a reporting system of pharmacovigilance.
11. Demonstrate ethical behaviors and adhere to professional rules and legal requirements.
12. Provide drug information, and evidence- based pharmacotherapy services.
13. Practice in different research fields.
14. Provide patient-centered care as the medication expert.

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