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MSc Clinical Pharmacy

Program Vision

To become a recognized center of excellence in clinical pharmacy education providing innovative pharmaceutical education, research and practice for the benefit of the society.

Program Mission

The Faculty of Pharmacy is committed to produce qualified clinical pharmacists with the highest standards of professional. Scholar, and leadership knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the community and beyond.

Program Aims

● Equip and enable Clinical Pharmacists with knowledge and skills to be capable of making a difference and a positive impact on their society and meet the challenges in the healthcare system by delivering specialized patient-centered and evidence-based clinical pharmacy services.
● Adopt national and international best practices in clinical pharmacy education.
● Improve research productivity in clinical pharmacy and promote the professional development of pharmacists.
● Enhance the quality of care to a specialized clinical level provided by graduates to the community it serves.
● Encourage self-development and collaborative practice.

Why Master of Clinical Pharmacy at LIMU-Faculty of Pharmacy?

  • The study plan and the included courses and rotations will provide students with the knowledge and skills required to practice as a competent clinical pharmacist delivering the most professional and ethical advanced clinical pharmacy services as an active and respected member of the medical team. The courses are covered by qualified staff expert in the field of clinical pharmacy.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can advance their career as:
● Specialized Clinical Pharmacists in Hospitals and Clinics
● Pharmacy Administrators at Hospitals, Clinics, or Pharmacies
● Clinical staff at Pharmaceutical Industries, e.g., medical affairs
● Teaching Staff and specialty Preceptor at Universities
● Clinical Consultants at the Ministry of Health
● Research Staff at Clinical Organizations
● Pharmacy benefit managers in health insurance industry
● Pharmacotherapy specialists in health systems.

Program Study Plan

Certificates awarded:

Upon fulfilling the requirements for graduation, students registered for the master program are awarded the certificate of the degree of master in clinical pharmacy. In addition, they are also awarded a certificate for the degree of diploma in clinical pharmacy.
Upon fulfilling the requirements of graduation, students registered for the diploma program are awarded the certificate of the degree of diploma in Clinical Pharmacy.

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