world water day

World Water Day Brochures

Community activity for the year 2022 on World Water Day Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Libyan International Medical University prepared brochures in both Arabic and English. Brochures were displayed at the celebration to educate the community about water conservation, in which they talked about how to rationalize water consumption, ways to rationalize water consumption in your home, and why we must conserve water. They also prepared another brochure that talks about water recycling as well as the benefits and stages of water recycling, methods of water recycling and treatment, its importance, and the obstacles represented in water recycling and treatment. They also prepared a brochure on water and climate changes, in which they talked about the nature of climate changes, their causes, effects, and the management of water resources with climate changes. The students presented these brochures at the celebration inside the university, which falls on March 23, 2022, in front of the rest of the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Libyan International University, in front of the faculty members, and educational supervisors, and they also presented their brochures on the scientific day of the Faculty of Pharmacy in front of the university’s staff and visitors.

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