Program Vision

This program is to enable the Libyan International Medical University (LIMU) to occupy a regionally advanced position in the fields of postgraduate pharmaceutical education, research and community services by presenting both theoretically and practically, the fundamental scientific principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences Student Pharmacy LIMU

Program Mission

The mission of this program is to provide students with knowledge and skills needed to expand career opportunities in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences and fulfills community need.

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Program Objectives

  •  Promote knowledge and skills of Pharmaceutical Sciences programs’ graduates.
  •  Educate students to become pharmaceutical experts in identifying, formulating and solving complex pharmaceutical problems independently.
  • Provide reliable degree of confidence to imply the basic and advanced academic elements within pharmaceutical disciplines in scientific research and industry.
  • Qualify students to continue their studies, possibly at PhD level.
  • Develop students’ research skills.
  • Encourage students to be independent learners.
  • Prepare students to be decision and policy makers.
MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences Student Pharmacy LIMU 2

Program Objectives

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Program Admission

  • The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree in one of the health sciences or equivalent that is accredited by one of the national accreditation authorities.
  • The Graduate Studies Committee shall determine the capacity and the maximum number to accept each year prior to commencement.
  • The applicant must pass:
    • The personal interview.
    • The preliminary evaluation conducted by the college to assess his knowledge regarding the English Language and the basics of Computer Science or instead applicant should provide a proof of passing international tests in these disciplines previously.
  • In order to meet the need in some programs and because of its specificity, the Graduate Studies Committee may, after approval by the College Council, request an initial assessment of the graduate level of specialization in the subjects prior to the student’s involvement in the program.
  • The scientific departments shall determine the complementary courses for this program in case that the student required completing it before or during his / her involvement in the graduate program.

Program Study Plan

Course code No.

Course title

Contact Hours (ECTS)

Term 1

3601Drug discovery and development



Principle of pharmacology



Pharmaceutics and drug development10


Medicinal and bio-structural chemistry


Term 2


Clinical drug development



Advanced Pharmacology (Pharmacology: from Physiology to Therapy)



Pharmaceutical-analytical chemistry



Advances in medicinal chemistry



Contemporary Social Pharmacy

(Pharmacy practice) (PBL)



Advances in pharmaceutics and drug delivery


Term 3


(General course)



Communication skills

Writing and research methodologies

And (Project placement)



Research Project


The mission of this program is to provide students with knowledge and skills needed to expand career opportunities in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences and fulfills community need.

Program Graduation requirements

The MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences is awarded after successful completion of all courses with completion of a thesis, while fulfilling the general and compulsory requirements of graduation at the university.

MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences Student Pharmacy LIMU 2

The following are useful forms for this program:

Master’s student contract

Appointment of a supervisor

Thesis Review

Thesis Validity for Discussion

Evaluation form to the Examinations Committee

Release from LIMU

Approving a thesis plan