Program Study Plan

The study duration at the Faculty is divided as follows:

The first stage (foundational) spans for two years and consists of eight blocks in which the basic sciences and pharmaceutical sciences are integrated in addition to supporting courses such as Arabic, English, and Calculus as well as learning clinical skills, communication skills and ethics. The program follows various interactive learning methods such as problem-based learning sessions.

The second stage (professional) spans for three years and consists of twelve blocks in which the pharmaceutical sciences and clinical sciences are integrated in addition to supporting courses such as statistics, research methodology, and evidence-based medicine as well as clinical skills, communication skills, and ethics. This stage includes hospital field visits and interactive learning methods such as problem-based and team-based learning sessions.


In addition to successfully passing all blocks and supporting courses, graduation requirements include:

Research Project :

Students begin their research projects at the end of the third year, and viva should be in the fifth year

Summer Training:

Is executed between third and fourth years and between the fourth and fifth years for a period of no less than 400 hours under the supervision of a specialized faculty member in one of the private or public health institutions approved by the Faculty Council. 

Clinical Training:

It begins immediately after passing block XX and continues for 10 months at a rate of no less than 6 hours per day. 

Continuous Evaluation :

Students are evaluated using a continuous evaluation process where students perform weekly, mid-bock, and end-block exams for each block. Also, students are evaluated during practical and clinical sessions in addition to OSPE and OSCE final exams.

Job Opportunities :

PharmD program graduates are able to work in any of the following fields: 


  • Clinical Pharmacy :
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Drug Quality Assurance



  • Research and Development :
  • Drug marketing
  • Academia
  • Medical Supply
  • Ministry of Health (Pharmacovigilance and Pharmacoeconomics)


How to apply?

To know more about the program, please visit our website:


Documents required to register in the PharmD program:


  •  Original high school diploma or equivalent 
  • Birth certificate
  • National ID number
  • Copy of valid passport
  • Libyan International Medical University (LIMU)
  • 0918726074
  • Kairawan street, Al-Fwehat, Benghazi, Libya
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