The Board of The Faculty of Pharmacy meeting on Monday morning, April 13, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. and for four hours using zoom program to discuss the following items:

1. Discuss and approve the report on the evaluation of the distance learning process prepared by the faculty’s Quality Assurance Office.

2. Discuss and approve the report on the evaluation of the OSPE exam for second year students, prepared by the College’s Quality Assurance Office.

3. Review the preparations for the fourth annual scientific day of the Faculty of Pharmacy, held on April 20, 2020.
4. Adoption of the results of the continuous evaluation of fourth year students in relation to the 18th educational unit.
5. Organizing the work of the activity Progression Teams, four teams specialized in monitoring the educational process for the four years of study at the college.
6. Follow-up the implementation of Case Application Session within the 19th Educational Unit and overcome all obstacles related to implementation.
7. Scheduling the continuous evaluation tests of the university’s requirements and the college’s curriculum requirements.
8. Absence excuses provided by students.
9. Student complaints.
10. The new work (including recommendations to communicate with a number of parents of students to discuss with them the most appropriate means to support their children in the current exceptional circumstances).