On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, the Study and Examinations Office at the Faculty of Pharmacy organized the mid-block exam for the Immunology block for second-year Pharmacy students. All examinations are conducted at the Faculty of Pharmacy using Moodle which is the approved learning management system at the university. Moodle is the same system used to implement the other components of the teaching and learning process at the Faculty. It is noteworthy that the Faculty of Pharmacy and within its keenness to preserve the environment and within the framework of implementing the university’s strategy and achieving its goals to reduce the use of paper, the Faculty has, since the launch of its PharmD program in 2016, to permanently stop the use of paper in the implementation of all components of the educational process. The scientific material, such as references, academic schedules, academic agendas, curriculum descriptions, etc. are available on Moodle electronically. Students also submit all their reports, assignments, presentations and scientific papers to Moodle. All examinations, periodic and final evaluations, and others are conducted completely electronically through Moodle as well.