On the 2nd of February 2019, the Faculty of Pharmacy held a meeting with the stakeholders in “Alwehda Al-Watania Hall” at the Libyan International Medical University, main headquarter that is located in Beloun area in Benghazi city, Libya. The meeting with the stakeholders is considered one of the most important meetings that the Faculty of Pharmacy counts on in order to follow up with its educational process. The meeting takes into consideration the perspective of the students, their parents, reaching staff members, tutors, technicians, administration at the Faculty of Pharmacy, and directors of clinical skills lab at the university. Moreover, the Faculty of Pharmacy benefits from the meeting’s results and recommendations in the development of future plans that allow the implementation of the current PharmD program. As it is known, the significant goal of this meeting is to link the PharmD program with the labor market by identifying the market’s requirements in order to prepare qualified students capable of fulfilling those requirements.  Today’s meeting was attended by students from different academic years, parents, teaching staff members, tutors, technicians, administration, clinical skills lab director, registrar, other university personals, representatives from the Pharmacists’ Syndicate, Pharmaceutical Companies, Pharmacists working in children’s hospital, Communicable Diseases Center, Benghazi Medical Center, community pharmacies, clinical laboratories, and teaching staff members from the Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Medicine in Benghazi University.