Four groups of first year students at the Faculty of Pharmacy presented wednesday morning a seminar  within the requirements of the second educational unit Pharmacogenomics in the form of presentations, so that each group  consists of three students as follows:

The first group consisted of students:

(*) Isra Abdullah Al-Anizi (*) Abdul Rahman Mustafa Al-Showeihadi (*) Shaimaa AbdulQadir Bouker

Their presentation addressed the theme: Multiple Sclerosis.

The second group consisted of students:

(*) Ahmed Yousry Ahmed (*) Ayoub Mohammed (*) Malak Abdul Rahim Matouk

Their presentation addressed sweet Poison Sugar.

The third group consisted of female students:

(*) Nour Al Huda Abdul Basit (*) Hajar Waness Mathi (*) Safaa Jamal

Their presentation addressed the theme: Use of volatile oils pharmaceutical prepartions (ointments)

The fourth group of students consisted of:

(*) Ala Hamid Al-Tabari (*) Al-Mutassim Be Allah Mustafa (*) Al-Munther Atiq

Their presentation dealt with plasma injection.